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Peace of mind for you and your practice:

Whether you are just starting your own legal practice or growing the one you already have, you know how fast your financial obligations can add up. Employee salaries and insurance premiums, rent, utilities, real estate taxes, are just some of your regular monthly practice expenses. How would you cover those expenses if you were totally disabled and couldn’t work for months? How long could your business survive if you weren’t there practicing law?


Covered Expenses:

  • Rent or mortgage interest payments.
  • Real estate taxes.
  • Charges for electricity, telephone, heat, water and laundry.
  • Employees salaries or wages (excluding salary of insured members).
  • Membership fees and dues to professional societies.
  • Cost of maintenance of equipment.
  • Leased equipment payments.
  • Subscription charges for professional journals or periodicals.
  • Other maintenance services.
  • Accountants’ and Auditors’ fees.
  • Interest on office equipment loans.
  • Business insurance premiums.
  • Telephone answering service.
  • Depreciation of equipment.
  • Payroll taxes.
  • Other fixed overhead expenses that are normal and customary in the operation of your practice.
  • Covered expenses do not include:
  • Any salaries, fees, drawing accounts or other remuneration for you or a close relative or for any person who is employed to be your replacement;
  • Income taxes, or the cost of any merchandise of any nature, goods, materials, equipment, leased automobiles, furniture, fixtures, or pharmaceutical products; or
  • Payment of the principal of any debts
  • In the case of a partnership or shared facility, the share of any expense for which you are not regularly liable for payment.


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